Tax Rebate News!

To help relieve the effects of inflation, the State of Illinois has passed the Illinois Family Relief Plan. These one-time individual income and property tax rebates are scheduled to begin being issued to eligible Illinois residents the week of September 12th, 2022.

Individual Income tax rebate

  • If you filed your 2021 income tax return as a single person, your income tax rebate amount is $50.
  • If you filed married filing jointly, your rebate amount is $100 ($50 per person)
  • If you have dependents, you will receive a rebate of up to $300 ($100 per dependent, with a maximum of three)
  • If you did not file an IL-1040, you must now file this form to receive the Individual Income Tax Rebate

 Property tax rebate

Your rebate amount is equal to the lesser of 5% of your property tax paid in 2021 for your 2020 primary residence or $300.

To receive the property tax rebate, you must file Form IL-1040-PTR. You can submit Form IL-1040-PTR electronically through or submit a paper form.

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